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STANDARD DRILLING BALL Game information: Standard drilling ball mounted with ESC-STD

Information: The standard drilling ball is the first ball you received in the beginning of the game. It has no special ability. The standard drilling is the weakest ball in the entire game.

ADVANCED DRILLING BALL Game information: The Advanced Drilling Ball is a standard ESCorp ball, reinforced with metal plates, in order to inflict higher damages to the conglomerates.

Information: The Advanced Drilling Ball is the second ball that you should encounter. Its proficiency is good. It can break through the harder conglomerates faster than the standard drilling ball.

Fire Ball Game Information: Heated up to insane temperatures, fire balls emit strong heat waves on their way, literally burning everything closeby.

Information: The Fire ball is, in my opinion, the best ball in Alphabounce. It can destroy up to 9 conglomerates at a time. As long as you keep the ball going diagnol, the ball will destroy everything it comes in contact

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