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[edit] Summary

Game Play in Brütal Legend is a mixture of several different types of genres, although mostly of RTS - or Real Time Strategy. The other genre's that are mashed in with it are racing, shooting, action and rhythm.

[edit] Objectives

The aim of the game is to complete objectives set by members of Ironheade and of the leaders. Each mission involves either following the tour bus in the Druid Plow and killing anybody who tries to destroy the tour bus, getting into a machine gun turret tower and killing enemies, sneaking past areas, killing enemies, but mostly stage battles.

[edit] Standard Controls

Note: These are controls for outside of a mission.

The "A" button uses the Seperator axe to kill enemies. One tap does a standard swing, several taps in a row does a combo and holding it makes Eddie jump and swing hard down dealing heaps of damage.

The "B" button uses your Clementine Flying V Guitar as a ranged weapon to stun/kill allies. One tap and you zap your enemy with electricity, stunning them for a period of time. Holding it will send Pyro out and hurt the enemy. You cannot use your Guitar for long though because it overheats with excessive use, so use it gradually.

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