Fantasy Earth Zero/Chimera

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A Chimera
HP  ????
Anti-Infantry Attack 200 - 800
Anti-Summoning Attack 200 - 800
Anti-Building Attack (Non-Keep/Castle)  ???
Anti-Building Attack (Keep/Castle) 3,000,000
Max Number on Field 1 - 2
Crystals 40
Required Items Chimera's Blood

The most powerful summoning in the game. It has four attacks. It has one long ranged freezing attack, one fire attack, one stomp attack to knock-back any enemy players, and a self destruction attack (only used at the enemy Castle/Keep). It does great damage to Infantry, Summons, and Buildings. It is suggested that you should protect it with lots of Infantry and Knights. It can be summoned at the Castle/Keep for 40 crystals and Chimera's Blood in the inventory, only two can be summon for the whole war and only one can be summoned at a time. The first one can be summoned when your at the 2nd Morale bar and the third one can be summoned at the last Morale bar.

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