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Character Info
Title First Vongola Sun Guardian
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Seiyu Kiuchi Hidenobu
Manga Debut Chapter 269
Anime Debut Episode 178
Weapon Info
Weapon Knuckle of Maximum Break
Flame Sun

Knuckle was a world boxing champion, although after killing an opponent in the ring he retired and decided to take on a more religious life style. If his family was ever in a dire situation he would give himself 3 minutes in order to beat the foe and after that would not step in, no matter what. Both Knuckle and Ryohei (Decimo counterpart) are very similar in which both hod a strong love for the boxing sport. Ryohei's Sun Kangaroo can Cambio Forma into a weapon called "Knuckle of Maximum Break".

[edit] Plot

[edit] Inheritance Succession Arc

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

Apparently his punches were so strong that the pressure of them was enough to shatter light bulbs.

  • Knuckle of Maximum Break: Knuckle of Maximum Break takes on the appearance of a pair of boxing gloves and a headset with the Vongola Sun Insignia on the forehead. When Ryohei Sasagawa uses this technique it exemplifies his muscles and allows him to become much stronger, however with it he gives himself 3 minutes to finish of his foe.

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