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Character Info
Title Varia Officer
Vongola Lightning Guardian Candidate
Gender Male
Age Varia Arc
23 years
Future Arc
33 years
Status Alive
Date of Birth November 14th
Blood Type A
Height 193cm
Weight 90kg
Seiyu Yuto Nakano
Manga Debut Chapter 90
Anime Debut Episode 40
Weapon Info
Weapon Bladed Parabole
Box Animal Topedine Fulmine (Lightning Torpedo)
Flame Lightning

Leviathan, commonly shorted to "Levi" is a loyal subordinate to Xanxus and thus only fights for his approval. Reborn said that once he has been given or has set eyes on his target be it man, woman or child he will beat them mercilessly. He also seems to be zealous when it comes to fighting, he turned out almost 2 hours early for the Vongola Inheritance fight. His speed in completing objectives is second to none and is the fastest in the Varia.

[edit] Weapons & Abilities

  • Parabola: On his back he carries 6 large bladed parabolas that are capable of discharging high amounts of electricity. His main attack utilises these Parabola and is called "Levi Volta" in which all 6 surrounded the target in the air and releases the electricity into the center where his target is.
  • Torpedine Fulmine: (Lightning Torpedo): This is Leviathan's box weapon. It is a lightning type Ray that is coating in Lightning Dying Will Flames. It carried torpedoes on it's back (hence the name) and with them Levi can perform "Super Levi Volta" a more powerful rendition of Levi Volta.

[edit] Win-Lose Battle Record


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