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Character Info
Title Grandfather Talbot
Gender Male
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 299
Weapon Info
Flame None

Talbot (Or Grandfather Talbot as addressed by Timoteo) is a blind old man and a Metal Worker that has worked with the Vongola Famligia for countless years. Legends have it that he has worked for the Vongola ever since the reign of Primo. He is the man that makes that weapons and equipment for the famiglia.

He can hear the spirits of the Vongola Rings and has knowledge of the Vongola Box Rings. With him, unknown to the entire Vongola Famligia, he has possession of "Penalty", the blood of Vongola Primo.

Talbot seems to be well informed and knows a lot about the history of the Vongola Famligia, knowing of the Shimon Famligia, the blood of Cozart Shimon and the Shimon Rings, something Timoteo was unaware of

[edit] Facts

  • He owns Sheep, saying that he was late to the Inheritance Cermony taking care of them
  • The bandage covering his eyes represents the cloth that was binding the Shimon Rings.
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