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Kingdom is a connecting location in Assassin's Creed. It connects to the four main cities that players are prompted to go to: Acre, Arsuf, Damascus, Jerusalem and Masyaf. In game, Kingdom refers ro the area between the in-game cities and any territory primarily used for travelling. Within this area, there are also extra objectives that can be completed.


[edit] Map


[edit] Politics

Kingdom acts as the open battlefield for the warring factions in the Third Crusade: the Saracens; and the Crusaders. The West of Kingdom is dominated by Lionheart Crusaders, the East by the Saracen guards. Both have fortified armies to defend against each other and the Assassins. The Templars also have a strong presence in Kingdom, with a full thirty Knights in the area.

[edit] Guard Posts

Across Kingdom, you can find Guards in groups, on patrol, and even archer towers. All guards patrolling in Kingdom are constantly on alert, so Sprinting past them can cause them to attack. The safest way to cross this area to get from city to city is by fast-travel or by Horse. A fast horse can easily attract attention, but will leave the guards in the dust. Be aware though, at a roadblock guards can pull you off your horse or attack you until you fall. You may encounter difficulty crossing villages and fortresses within Kingdom. At this point you may find it best to draw a blade.

[edit] Collectable Items

King Richard has 100 flags spread across Kingdom, and these can be collected to complete an Additional Memory of Altaïr, and in the 360 version of Assassin's Creed, an Achievement. You can also kill 30 Templars, and scale 12 View Points.

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