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Faith (full name Faith Connors) is the 24 year old athletic Runner protagonist of Mirror's Edge. In the game you play as Faith from a strictly first person perspective. Faith has a very distinctive appearance with a defining tattoo under her right eye and other tattoos similar to those warn by other Runners. The eye tattoo is the basis of the red Runner's Mark logo seen in game materials and in-game. Her trademark attire is a black tank-top, light grey cargo pants, red open finger gloves and a pair of red "camel-toe" runners. Her tanktop and shoes sport white stripes to offset their colour, and in some artwork she is seen wearing black trackpants that also have the white stripes.

Faith can perform a variety of moves and stunts inspired by real-life parcours (made famous by street runners in France), and also has a set of combat moves that mirror the fluid and graceful actions of street runners.

Faith's voiceover is performed by Jules de Jongh.

[edit] Family History

Faith's parents were part of a protest movement against the city's authoritarian rule. They participated in a protest event termed the "November Riots" and were victims of police retaliation during the "riots". It is unclear why Faith's sister, Kate Connors joins the police force after this traumatizing event, while Faith becomes a petty thief and eventually a Runner.

[edit] Design Controversy

Faith's design and look was brought into question by a Korean gamer in October 2008, the contention being that the character was made to cater to Western tastes[1]. The gamer made a variant image of Faith that he felt was more to the taste of Eastern culture gamers. Mirror's Edge producer, Tim Farrer commented to the effect that Faith's design was intentionally more "real" and down to earth.

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