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  • WARNING! - Spoilers Ahead*

Lt. Miller is Kate Connors (Faith's Sister) superior Officer and a minor but quite important character in the 2008, First-Person, Free-Running game; Mirror's Edge.

Lt. Miller is known as a man who can be trusted, and is the only "blue" that Faith Connors (A Runner) seems to be willing to talk to at all besides her Sister.

When Faith first meets him, he expresses belief in Kate's innocence (who was set up making everyone believe she commited a murder) and is willing to help his enemy.

He appears to be a slender man of modest age, but sports silver or white hair.

Although their relationship becomes a little rough, Lt. Miller does become an important part of the storyline as it evolves from Faith staying out of the authority's grasp to her attempts to save Kate.

But when Faith reaches The Shard to rescue Kate, Miller is cut off from Faith. This might have resulted in his death as a noise similiar to a Gun shot was heard... But it might have been cut off. The game does not reveal what happened to him.

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