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Brain Tree Quest
Brain Tree (Neopets).gif
Brain Tree
Where Haunted Woods
Quest duration Once a day
Description "The Brain Tree sits alone in the haunted woods... he is the only tree to have developed intelligence, and he thirsts for knowledge. If you accept his quest, he will ask you a question, your quest being to find the answer in a limited amount of time. It is said that the quests are very difficult... but worthwhile!"

[edit] Doing the Quests

The Brain Tree is located in the Haunted Woods. To get a quest, just visit him and accept his quest.

The Brain Tree will ask you where and when a neopian has died. You have about 3 hours to complete the quest. In order to complete his quest, you need to do 2 of the Esophagor's Quests. After you get the answers, you must tell them to the Brain tree exactly as they where written, otherwise you will fail the quest.

The answers are random and can only be obtained by the Escophagor, so there's nowhere else to find the Brain Tree's answers.

[edit] Prizes

As a prize, you will get the brain tree as a Battledome challenger (the first time you complete a quest) a random amount of Neopoints, and an item listed below:

Name Appearance Name Appearance Name Appearance
Attack Fork Attack Fork (Neopets).gif Baby Fireball Baby Fireball (Neopets).gif Bat Pack Bat Pack (Neopets).gif
Bearog Bearog (Neopets).gif Brain Tree Branch Brain Tree Branch (Neopets).gif Brain Tree Knife Brain Tree Knife (Neopets).gif
Brain Tree Mace Brain Tree Mace (Neopets).gif Brain Tree Root Brain Tree Root (Neopets).gif Brain Tree Splinters Brain Tree Splinters (Neopets).gif
Brains a la Tree Brains a la Tree (Neopets).gif Feather Tickler Feather Tickler (Neopets).gif Garlic Shield Garlic Shield (Neopets).gif
Lil Frankie Lil Frankie (Neopets).gif Lucky Robots Foot Lucky Robots Foot (Neopets).gif Magic Branch Magic Branch (Neopets).gif
Mummy Baby Mummy Baby (Neopets).gif Pumpkin Shield Pumpkin Shield (Neopets).gif Silver Fernypoo Battlecard Silver Fernypoo Battlecard (Neopets).gif
Slime Potion Slime Potion (Neopets).gif Staff of Brain Staff of Brain (Neopets).gif Walking Carpet Walking Carpet (Neopets).gif
Web Claw Web Claw (Neopets).gif
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