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Founding 11th day of Hiding, Y6 (August 11, 2004)
Where Center face of Main Continent
Description "Fifty miles west of Meidell stands another castle, in a kingdom ruled by King Hagan the Wise (better known as the older brother of that scuffy oaf Skarkl). The kingdom is known as Brightvale, a bastion of peace, knowledge, and really lovely ornate windows."
Altador Team ACBrightvale (Neopets).png : Team Brightvale

Brightvale is a location on the main map of Neopia in Neopets. Ruled by King Hagan, Brightvale is a historically medieval location filled with strong devotions of learning different kinds of art, boundless intellectual resources, and has a hand in battledome equipment. It’s rivalling neighboring kingdom, Meridell, are linked to each other to travel towards and share a medievally timed state.

[edit] Brightvale Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Brightvale:

[edit] Brightvale Games

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