Faerie City

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Faerie City
Faerie City (Neopets).PNG
Founding Unknown
Where Inside of Faerieland
Description "Welcome to Faerie City. There are lots of interesting things to enjoy here, including games, shops and Faerie Quests! Why not look around and see what you can find?"

Faerie City is a location on the main map of Faerieland in Neopets. Faerie City is where the bulk of the population of Faerieland lives. Here you can do shopping in one of the many Faerie themed stores or play games to earn some extra Neopoints.

[edit] Faerie City Alternate Locations

The following are areas inside of Faerieland with stores, buildings, and other local areas:

[edit] Faerie City Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Faerie City:

[edit] Faerie City Hidden Locations

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