Illusen's Glade

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Illusen's Glade
Illusen (Neopets).gif
Illusen the earth faerie
Where Meridell
Quest duration Every 12 hours, quest timing is 16 minutes and 40 seconds
Description "How about we start off with a few easy errands, and go from there. I don't want to waste TOO much of your time but I really do have to get these items you know... Unfortunately, if you don't find my item within the time limit, then I'm going to put you right back on the easy quests! Interested??"

[edit] Doing the Quests

Located in the right top corner of Meridell, Illusen will ask you if you like to accept her request. Her requested items are cheap at first, but expensive as the levels rise up. The Shop Wizard can be used unlike the main Faerie Quest of Faerieland. Highly priced items may lead you to go through the Trading Post or Auction House, if they can't be found by either of the three, the neoboards might help.

No-trade Neohome furniture is a possible request and can be found at the Nehome Neostore.

Now Jhudora's quests is a lot rewarding than the earth faerie and all, but Illusen is quiet cheaper going on with her quest and reward the great Leaf Shield and Illusens Staff. If you do a Jhudora's quest, you won't be able to do one of Illusen's quest for 12 hours and on Jhudora's day (February 4th), you cannot do one of Illusen's quest.

[edit] Prizes

As a prize, you will receive one of these prizes depending on level:

Level Rarity Name and appearance
#1 10-20 Illusens Cream Cookie (Neopets).gif

Illusens Cream Cookie

#2 10-20 None
#3 15-25 Illusens Potion (Neopets).gif

Illusens Potion

#4 18-26 None
#5 20-30 Illusens Comb (Neopets).gif

Illusens Comb

#6 20-30 None
#7 23-32 None
#8 24-34 Cucumber Eye Cream (Neopets).gif

Cucumber Eye Cream

#9 34-44 None
#10 38-48 None
#11 42-55 Illusens Novel (Neopets).gif

Illusens Novel

#12 46-58 None
#13 50-59 None
#14 55-63 Mud Mixture (Neopets).gif

Mud Mixture

#15 58-67 None
#16 60-73 None
#17 66-77 Flower Cake (Neopets).gif

Flower Cake

#18 67-78 None
#19 72-81 None
#20 76-82 Rain Water Shampoo (Neopets).gif

Rain Water Shampoo

#21 78-82 None
#22 80-85 None
#23 82-86 Rose Shake (Neopets).gif

Rose Shake

#24 83-87 None
#25 84-87 None
#26 85-87 Earth Spell Book (Neopets).gif

Earth Spell Book

#27 85-87 None
#28 86-88 None
#29 88-89 Leaf Shield (Neopets).gif

Leaf Shield

#30 88-91 None
#31 90-95 None
#32 90-95 Illusens Earth Potion (Neopets).gif

Illusens Earth Potion

#33 92-99 None
#34 93-99 None
#35 94-99 Honey Potion (Neopets).gif

Honey Potion

#36 99 None
#37 99 None
#38 99 Illusens Scroll (Neopets).gif

Illusens Scroll

#39 99 None
#40 99 None
#41 99 Illusens Blade (Neopets).gif

Illusens Blade

#42 99 None
#43 99 None
#44 99 Leaf Taco (Neopets).gif

Leaf Taco

#45 99 None
#46 99 None
#47 99 Illusens Orb Plant (Neopets).gif

Illusens Orb Plant

#48 99 None
#49 99 None
#50 99 Illusens Staff (Neopets).gif

Illusens Staff

[edit] Avatar

Avatars that can be obtained from Illusen's quest:

Name Avatar
Illusen's Glade

Complete Illusen's 20th quest.

Illusen's Glade (Neopets).gif
Illusen Doll

Complete one of Illusen's quest on March 17th.

Illusen Doll (Neopets).gif
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