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Neopoints are the main form of currency on Neopets. Neopoints are often abbreviated as "np". You need neopoints in order to purchase thing from shops or to play certain games. The main way to earn neopoints is to play games. Each game has a different neopoint to score ratio, so each game is worth a different amount of neopoints depending on your score. Some games, like sponcer games reward a set amount of neopoints. The next best way is to sell things. You can also find neopoints during Random Events, however, you can also lose neopoints during random events, so it is best to keep excess neopoints in the National Neopian Bank.

Neopoints are often depicted as small gold coins that most likely equal the same value on the website itself. In the video game, The Darkest Faerie, neopoints are depicted as coins where different colors and sizes are used to distinguish what the different coins themselves are worth.

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