Terror Mountain

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Terror Mountain
Terror Mountain (Neopets).gif
Founding Unknown
Where North Top of Neopia
Description "Three lands in one! Firstly, you can go to Happy Valley, a snowy hamlet at the foot of the mountain, then traverse your way through the Ice Caves, and lastly to the peak of Terror Mountain itself!"
Altador Team ACTerror Mountain (Neopets).png : Team Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain is located on the top of the main map of Neopia in Neopets. This winter wonderland is made up of 3 places: Happy Valley, Ice Caves, and The Top of the Mountain. Where neopians can play frozen themed games, chilled items, and other snowy activities.

[edit] Terror Mountain Alternate Areas

The following are areas inside of Terror Mountain with stores, buildings, and other local areas:

[edit] Terror Mountain: Happy Valley Locations

The following are stores, buildings, and other local areas in Terror Mountain: Happy Valley:

[edit] Terror Mountain: Happy Valley Games

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