Wheel of Mediocrity

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Wheel of Mediocrity
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Where Tyrannia
Daily duration Once every 40 minutes
Owner Plesio the Flotsam
Description "Officially the most mediocre game in Tyrannia! One spin of the wheel could win you a prize, or it could end in... something nasty."

As basic and boring it sounds, the Wheel of Medicore is one heck of a fun wheel. For only 100 NPs, a Neopian can win up to 4,000 NPs, Tyrannian themed items, or lose some HP.

The wheel can be spun every 40 minutes normally or twice every 40 minutes if you given the Right Round Round Round boon from your fraction winning the weekly Battleground of the Obelisk.

[edit] Prizes

When spinning the wheel, one of these outcomes will happen depending on the picture the needle has stopped on:

Name Result
Red Grarrl Nothing.
4,000 Receive 4,000 NPs and if first time, an avatar!
Aisha Skull Nothing.
200 Receive 200 NPs.
Tar Pit Lose a random item (there's a chance of not losing anything if you're inventory is over max).
Earth Faerie Nothing.
2,000 Receive 2,000 NPs.
Pterodactyl Active pet loses half it's health.
Stone Pot Receive a random Tyrannian Furniture item.
100 Receive 100 NPs.
Airax Petpet Receive a random Tyrannian Petpet, not Krawk
Trilo Bite Receive a random Tyrannian Food item.
500 Receive 500 NPs.
Rocky Obelisk Nothing.
Fire Balls All your neopets lose half their health (Scorchios and Fire painted pets are immune).
1,000 Receive 1,000 NPs.

[edit] Avatar

Name Avatar

Land on the 4,000 spot from the Wheel of Mediocrity.

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