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Evil Rao is the half fox/half human Demon that you must fight in the Imperial Palace in Sei'an City. She has the masked face of Ninetails but the body of Rao, she also have Celestial Brush like appendages on her legs.

After Ninetails killed the real Rao, he took over her body to get close to Queen Himiko. Rao then sends Amaterasu and Issun to kill the Water Dragon and to retrieve the Fox Rods. After they do this, Rao succeeds in killing Queen Himiko. Ammy and Issun walk in on this and Rao transforms into Evil Rao, who they must battle before she flees.

[edit] Defeating Evil Rao

She attacks a lot like Waka. She will throw five swords at Amaterasu however they will not stun her if you knock them back with Power Slash. Instead you must wait until she jumps in the air for a down thrust, upon hitting the ground she will be stunned and then you can Power Slash her and attack.

[edit] Trivia

Evil Rao will appear again for batting in the 8th and 9th round of the Kamui Devil Gate Trail Cave however there is a much higher number of them.

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