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  • Ammonite
    - These creatures outwardly resemble the 'not modern' Nautilis. Also look like the sub-class Coleoidea - Which looks familair to that of an Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish.
    • These creatures like to spend their time in the open waters of the Earth's ancient sea rather than at the bottom of it. Because of their flat, discus and stream like shape, people have often thought them to be exceptional swimmers. The Ammonite usually feasted on small sealife such as smaller fish, crustaceans and other small sea creatures, whilst them themselves were preyed by larger fish such as, what can only be described as, Marine Reptiles. There home era is unknown but it is thought that they came from the Mesoziac era. Unfortnatly, they did not return to their Home Era due to dying when coming out of the water.

  • Anatotan
    - Can be described as nothing more than large hadrosaurs.
    • In the episode Extinction Event (The episode in which they made their debut) a huge herd of Dinosaurs we kidnapped, on herd being the Anatotan . They tried to escape through a stampede with killed a common predator, The Tyrannosaurus. Their home era is mainly the Late Crotaceous but spans out a little before and after that.

  • Ankylosaurus
    - These creatures look more like a modern day hedgehog rather than a dinosaur of the Late Crotaceous. They are calm, peaceful creatures but with an extremely tough out shell to protect it from it's predators.
    • In the episode Extinction Event these creatures walk forward, towards Jenny to prove that they are inpervious to gunfire. Although their usually calm nature, again, Jenny was confronted and almost killed by one of these creatures along with other colleges as one rammed into the side of their car with it's tail club. A baby Ankylosaurus also made an appearance.

  • Anurognathus
    - These creatures have extremely sharp teeth to catch prey such as insects, and have often been mistaken for being part of the Pterosaur because they look like a smaller variation of the creature. They also have small tails that allowing them more maneuverability whilst hunting. These creatures, on the whole, are very small, they have a wing span of 50cm (20 inches) and their bodies are no longer than 9cm in length including the skull.
    • The Anurognathus is a are fictional creatures in the TV show Primeval and evolved from the Anurognathus ammoni that lived over 150 million years ago (Jurassic era), which also had sharp, needle like teeth for catching insects. Despite their small size and lightweight BMI, these creatures were incredibly violent and were able to kill creatures up to 5 times their size with relative ease. These creatures have often been described as flying piranha fish due to their incredibly well developed sense of small that enables them to smell blood, hundreds of feet away. A swarm of these creatures can strip the flesh off of bones in minutes, because of their huge flocks they can overcome their prey in mass numbers. Their vicious and violent behaviour could be based off the Anurognathid Pterosaur, Jeholopterus was known to be a hematophagous creature, much like the modern bat. They were 're-imagined' from walking with dinosaurs, but, with added attitude.
  • Arthropleura
    - These creatures are 2-3 metres in length (6-10ft (6.1 in the series)) and closely resemble larger versions of the modern Millipede and Centipede.
    • These creatures first made their appearance in Episode 2 and are said to be native to Upper coniferous Britain and and some parts of the USA. As far, it is the largest known land invertebrate of all time and is said to have grown so large due to the increase in percentage of the Earths oxygen levels. Renown for being 'Burrowers', they have poor eyesight but have an incredible sense of small and touch. Only one of these creatures makes a but in Episode 2 but in Episode 13 (2.7 (Series 2, episode 7)) we see one killed by another predator contained by Oliver Leek. Not naturally carnivores, these creatures have powerful pincers located at the front of it's head, that inject a deadly poison into it's victims blood stream. Symptoms f this poison include;
      • Uncontrolled shaking
      • Anaphylaxis
      • Short term memory loss (In recovered victims)

  • Australopithecus
    - Ape like in appearance
    • These creatures are possibly the ancestors of modern day humans. Helen Cutter believed that killing these creatures would stop the evolution chain that would cause humans to never exist. She attempts to poison a family chain, but is doing so, is killed herself.

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