Mick Harper

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Mick Harper

Ramon Tickaram as Mick Harper
Gender Male
Portrayed By Ramon Tickaram
Episode Count 3
Debut Episode 6
Occupation Reporter

Mick Harper an ambitious reporter that was tracking the anomaly's for he's own recognition and fame. He's trying to expose the anomaly's that connects the present time to the past, He never succeeded.

Mick first seen on episode 6 of series 2. He appeared on the site of the Columbian Mammoth attack. Mick's suspicion of prehistoric creatures arouse in this moment. On series 3 he appeared on the hospital, he chased the Diictodon to a room with stuff animals and he took a picture of it. When he brought the picture back from her boss, she said it was a blurry picture. Mick wanted another chance and from here he became more desperate on proving the anomaly's that was occurring on different places.

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