The Cleaner

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"The Cleaner"
The Cleaner (Primeval).jpg
Tim Faraday as "The Cleaner"
Gender Male
Portrayed by Tim Faraday
Episode Count 6
Debut Episode 7
Occupation Spy for Oliver Leek

"The Cleaner" was fist introduced in Episode 7 undercover as a cleaner, upon being escorted out of the shopping mall where the team currently were, hunting down a Raptor, his neck was sliced open by a Deinonychus. He later mysteriously disappears later in the episode. IN Episode 8 Connor sees him as an army official working within the Arc, and the scars from the raptor bite still visible on his neck. This Cleaner was then seen again by Professor Nick Cutter in Episode 10. Suspiciously, he is chased by Cutter whom catches us and Punch's him in the face knocking him out cold. It is later revealed that he is working for Leek whom wanted to keep a close eye on the team - we later find out that Leek is in league with Helen Cutter. The Cleaner's real name (Or at least his last name) was revealed to be Sciswell during that same episode (10.2). Later on in the series, he goes through an anomaly with two other soldiers, when he suggests that they leave the girl behind, the other 2 officers protested and he replied "I'm not a bloody social worker!" which was something also said by Captain Tom Ryan hinting at the fact they could somehow be related. He travels through yet another anomaly and is attacked by a Giant Scorpian and the rest of the team were killed. When "The Cleaner" demanded for Cutter's water supply he refused and was then attacked again by a giant Scorpian and dragged away to be killed, just before his disappearance he screamed at Cutter "I'm a professional! I never talk." Just after he was asked who he was working for.

However, in Episode 13 we see clones of him with Helen around Stephen Hart's grave, obviously now working for her. Helen stated that they were created from a piece of technology she had obtained in the future, and show show and test how loyal they were to her, she asked one to jump off a cliff to it's death, which it did with no hesitation. These clones don't appear again until the finale of series 3.

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