Sanctum is a medium sized map in The Conduit's online multiplayer mode. It is similar to another map called Complex in many ways. They both have many floors and different passageways, and as a result, the radar isn't as reliable as it would be in simplier stages such as Streets. Sanctum consists mostly of a series of underground passages that have stairs linking to different parts of the map. There is also a human weapon cache down there. This cache is typically used for weapon fusion glitching, unfortunately, since the location is so remote and typically unexplored. Most of the fighting happens in the "surface" levels of the map. On each corner of the map, there is a room. All of them have stairs leading further down into the map, two of them have health packs, and the other two have a window and a human cache. These areas are sometimes used as "bases" in team matches. There is a "balcony" level that goes around the perimeter, and it overlooks a wide, open area below. Above both of these levels is a thin walkway which can be reached by jumping on boxes. This walkway is where the "power weapon" of each weapon set spawns. This walkway is also very famous for sniping, since the walkway provides a great view of the entire "surface" area of the map.

The Sanctum map seems to depict mission 9 in the campaign.

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