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Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2 (Silent Hill).jpg
Developer(s) KCET
Publisher Konami
Release Date(s) September 24, 2001 NA

September 27, 2001 JP

November 23, 2001 PAL
ESRB rating M for Mature
Platform(s) PlayStation 2

[edit] Synopsis

Silent Hill 2 introduces a new protagonist, James Sunderland, who's calling to the town of Silent Hill is a letter he received from his wife Mary - despite the fact that she died three years prior to James receiving the letter. In the letter, James discovers that Mary is waiting for him in their "special place", though he thought that the entire town of Silent Hill was the place she spoke of. With no leads to go on, James heads out to Silent Hill in hopes of uncovering the mystery surrounding the letter.

[edit] Re-released

It was later re-released in the Silent Hill HD Collection in 2012, along with Silent Hill 3. The player could chose whether you want the original voice acting or new voice acting.

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