"Different As Can Be (Reprise)"

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"Different As Can Be (Reprise)"
Written By A.J. Holmes
Sung By Joe Walker (Lord Voldemort)
Brian Rosenthal (Quirrell)
Musical A Very Potter Musical
Act 1 Part 8
Time 1:06

"Different As Can Be (Reprise)" is a song from A Very Potter Musical.

[edit] Background

"Different As Can Be (Reprise)" is a reprise version of "Different As Can Be", sung after Quirrell and Voldemort return from a fun night out.

[edit] Lyrics

I guess it's plain to see
When you look at you and me
We're different, different as can be

Voldemort & Quirrell:
We simply guarantee
when you're looking at you and me,
we're different, different as can be

It's a comedy of sorts,
when you're bound to Voldemort

And I'm happy as a squirrel,
long as I'm with Mr. Quirrell

Voldemort & Quirrell:
Well lead 'em to the slaughter,
and we'll murder Harry Potter

We're different, different
Different, different as can be

[edit] Trivia

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