"Me and My Dick"

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"Me and My Dick"
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Written By A.J. Holmes
Carlos Valdes
Sung By Joey Richter (Joey)
Joe Walker (Dick)
Musical Me and My Dick
Act 1 Part 1
Time 3:33

Warning! This page contains mature content!

"Me and My Dick" is a song from Me and My Dick.

[edit] Background

"Me and My Dick" is the song introducing our main character, Joey and his partner-in-crime, Dick, who love and stick by each other. Joey always tries to pursue after the "hot little Jewish girl", Vanessa, who is the girl of his dreams and unfortunately is taken. However, his neighbor, Sally, whom Dick calls a total salad, is totally in love with Joey and walks to school with him every day.

[edit] Lyrics

I wake up in the morning,
and it's nothing new
You run through my mind for hours,
Still, I just want you

You're all I want,
you're all I need
My love for you
Just grows the way you do!
When I love you!

I wanna hold you all night long,
And cuddle 'till we're blue
Hold you in a tight embrace,
I know it seems taboo.

But I have to have you with me now,
I have to have you quick
I love you more than anything,

[ dialogue ]

I like being with you,
you like being with me
We're just the best of friends,
As anyone can see

People say it's quite unlikely
The two of us would stick,
But I just tell them—


Joey & Dick:
It's me and my dick!

[ dialogue ]

Joey & Dick:
We'll stick together,
Fight through thick and thin
If we stay side by side
There's no way we can't win

Any girl that's out there,
any girl at all
When she gets going with us,
she's sure to have a ball!

Dick: (spoken)
Careful with that joke. It's an antique.

Joey & Dick:
People say, "how do you do it?"
"How can you be so slick?"
But I just tell them,
"Hey! It's me and my dick!"

Yeah, there she is,
[ Dick: Oh, I see her! ]
Leaning on her locker with those big brown eyes,
And she's taking off her shirt and her pants
[ Dick: Yeah, keep going! ]
And shes doing a sexy-time dance!

And shes running her hands, Down my underpants! Buddy this is our chance!

[ dialogue ]

Joey & Dick:
People say it's quite unlikely
The two of us should stick
But I just tell them,
Hey! It's me and my dick!
[ Dick: I like being with you ]
It's me and my dick!
[ Dick: We'll stick together ]
It's me and my dick!
[ Dick: Hey, man ]

It's me and my dick!

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