"Missing You"

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"Missing You"
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Written By A.J. Holmes
Sung By Darren Criss (Harry Potter)
Brian Rosenthal (Quirrell)
Musical A Very Potter Musical
Act 2 Part 4
Time 2:45

"Missing You" is a song from A Very Potter Musical.

[edit] Background

"Missing You" is sung by Harry and Quirrell nearing the end of the musical. Harry is upset because nobody seems to think it's a big deal that Lord Voldemort is back, and Albus Dumbledore has died. This song seems to be in memory of that same Albus Dumbledore.

Quirrell, dressed in prisoners' clothing is singing about Lord Voldemort, who betrayed him and got him sent to Azkaban. Despite having been betrayed, Quirrell still misses Voldemort. It appears the Dark Lord misses Quirrell as well, as he keeps calling Bellatrix Lextrange 'Quirrell'. Voldemort is on the stage, off to the side while this song is being performed.

[edit] Lyrics

I can't remember dad
And I can't remember mom
And aunts and uncle aren't quite the same

But I had him and life seemed fair
Yes, I had him. He was there
To give me strength show concern
Ask for nothing in return
Say hello talk me through
Do the things that fathers should do

And I'm missing you
I'm just missing you

There it is, he's gone
And he's hung me out to dry
The joy he said he felt
Well, I guess it was a lie

But when I had him my life was fine
When I had him he was mine
He'd share his thoughts, be friend
Stick with me until the end
Watch a movie, roller-skate
Fill the world with fear and hate

Harry and Quirrell:
And I'm missing you
I'm just missing you

Now I'm all alone
Now you're gone for good
Now I'm stuck right here wishing I understood

You gave me hope when my spells weren't right

You gave me someone to hold every night

And I'm missing you

I'm just missing you

I'm just missing you

I'm just missing you

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