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"Status Quo"
Status Quo (StarKid).png
Written By Darren Criss
Sung By Joey Richter (Bug)
Musical Starship
Act 1 Part 10
Time 2:52

"Status Quo" is a song from Starship.

[edit] Background

In "Status Quo", Bug is revealed in his human form after just rescuing the Starship Rangers from a deadly Mr. Spider. He then received their approval, having been called "one tough son of a bitch," but the gang speculates that he is the only survivor from the crashed Starship on Bug World after Specs goes into heavy research. He then sings about saying no to the status quo, but Roach catches up with him not too soon before he goes with the Starship Rangers to their Starship, up there, in space!

"Bug, wait! You can't go with them! You may have a human body now, but where you belong is back here with the Hive."

"Oh, Roach, I don't know! I mean, you get to live your dream everyday with the Overqueen. Now it's time for me to live mine, up there with the Starship Rangers!"

"But... but, what if I miss you, Bug?"

"Well, if you miss me... just look up. And that's where I'll be."

The first act of Starship then draws to an end.

[edit] Lyrics

It starts with not questioning the answers,
and giving up before you've begun
It locks all the doors, increases the pressure,
and in a flash, your time is up before it's done

And you won't know
how it can feel
to feel at all

So I say no to status quo
Who wants to be like the rest,
and deny the best that I'm meant for?

I will show the status quo
Who cares about normal?
I'll never conform,
I'll be content to resent the status quo

[ dialogue ]

I'll kick down the walls around me
They don't know how strong I am
I'm not defined by boundaries
They could never understand

I'm so much more—

—than status quo
Forget about being another pipe dreamer
stuck on the bottom floor

And I know it's time to go
So maybe I've gotten everything
that I wanted but I think that
I might have made it so

When I said no, no, no
to status quo!

I am a Starship Ranger!
I'm gonna do everything I can
to always be a Starship Ranger

It's everything,
it's everything... I am!

[edit] Trivia

  • This song was performed at a gay pride parade in Buffalo, New York on Sunday, June 5th, 2011.
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