"The Coolest Girl"

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"The Coolest Girl"
Written By Darren Criss
Sung By Bonnie Gruesen (Hermione Granger)
Musical A Very Potter Sequel
Act 1 Part 8
Time 3:16

"The Coolest Girl" is a song from A Very Potter Sequel.

[edit] Background

In "The Coolest Girl", Hermione begins to slowly realize that although all of her peers who aren't nearly as clever and super smart as she is don't realize it due to her frumpiness and nerdiness, she is really the coolest girl in the whole wide world. She just doesn't know how to prove them properly.

[edit] Lyrics

All my dreams
I'm chasing after
They don't need
all this laughter

I take a grain of salt,
stiff up a lip,
It's not their fault I'm not as hip
Wake up, kid, you know you're more than this

I'm the smartest person
that I've ever met
So why do I allow myself,
to possibly forget?

There's so much I know how to do,
so much more than all of you
The only thing I wish I knew
is how to make them see
the girl that I can be

I am
The coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it, but can't show it at all

I am
Sick and tired of low not higher
places where I should belong

And it's about time I proved them wrong

Give me a shot to show what I've got
I'm a hell of a whole lot more
than this frizzy hair,
these frumpy clothes I wear
Oh, I rock them like nobody you've seen before!

'Cause I am
The coolest girl in the whole wide world
I know it below it all

I am
Done with losing,
on with choosing

The coolest girl on the face of the planet
Coolest bitch on earth, god dammit!
The coolest chick you've ever seen on earth

So you can try to
break me down
Sorry, guys, I'm sticking around

I thought about it,
and I found

That I am
the coolest


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