Denise Donovan

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Denise Donovan
Gender Female
Age 25
Birthday July 17th, 1986
Occupation Actor
Yoga and Cardio Teacher

Denise Donovan is a member of Team StarKid.


[edit] Background

Denise Donovan is a new member of StarKid. She was born on July 17th, 1986. Her occupations include being an actor, dancer, nanny, and she also teaches yoga and cardio classes on the side. According to her twitter, she currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Having only been a member of StarKid since Starship, she has only been in two of their productions. She portrayed February in Starship, and a few different characters in Holy Musical B@man. Those include Catwoman, a pizza delivery lady, and Black Canary. She also choreographed the dances for the songs in Starship.

[edit] Personal Life

Denise grew up in Michigan and comes from a large Irish family with numerous relatives. As a child, she would perform for her family in their basement, be it dances that she made up on the spot or shows that she and her cousins, Courtney and Kristin, created. She began dancing before acting, which she began at age ten, and would often sing Paula Abdul and George Michael songs.

She went to Columbia College in Chicago. According to an interview with Meredith Stepien, who Denise grew up with and graduated U of M in 2009, they had to split up for college, which gives the impression that they attended different schools.

Once, at a burger joint in Michigan called Big Boy, Denise climbed the marquee, which was around two stories tall, and waved to people in traffic.

Some things and hobbies Denise particularly enjoys include watching movies, eating, fishing at her parents' house, deer hunting with her mother and father, and the outdoors. When not with StarKid, she's usually hanging out with fellow StarKid Meredith Stepien. Her biggest inspiration is Jim Carrey. Her opinion of the Harry Potter movies she's watched is that they're "gross," "incredible," and "mind-boggling". Her celebrity crush is Jeremy Irons.

[edit] StarKid

Denise really enjoyed A Very Potter Musical by the StarKids, but joined the theatre company to portray the role of February in Starship, in which she also helped choreograph the dances.

[edit] Physical Appearance

Denise is around 5'5" and has short blonde hair and blue eyes.

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