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[edit] Background

Joseph Schwartz Walker is one of the original members of StarKid. He is 30 years old and his birthday is on February 6th, 1987. He is a large contributor to the company, having acted in five out of six of their musicals and having co-written Starship alongside Brian Holden, Matt and Nick Lang. According to his twitter, he currently resides in Chicago. The roles he has portrayed in the StarKid musicals are Voldemort in A Very Potter Musical, Dick in Me and My Dick, Dolores Umbridge in A Very Potter Sequel,Commander Up in Starship and Batman in Holy Musical B@Man. This makes Little White Lie the only production he has not played a character in. HE IS THE BEST

[edit] Personal Life

Joe was born in "a completely unmemorable hospital in New York City (I don't remember it at all)," and lived in San Francisco until he moved to Boston, MA when he was 6. He lived there until he went to college at the University of Michigan and majored in acting. He graduated alongside Darren Criss (among other members in Team Starkid) in 2009.

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