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Joey Richter He is a member of the theater group Starkid. He is in 4/5 of their YouTube productions. Little white lie being the one he wasn't in. He played Ron in both A very potter musical and a very potter sequel, He played Himself in Me and My Dick and Bug in Starship.

His Full name is Joseph Micheal Richter and was born July 31 1989 he is an actor, singer and a all round performer. He studied at the university of Michigan along with others such as Brian Holden and Darren Criss. He recently announced that he will be appearing on the show Jessie which is on Disney channel.

He has also been in a YouTube short film Camp Chapel. Which is about a boy who get's in trouble for pissing on someone else's lawn so he parents send him to Camp Chapel. While at Camp Chapel he makes a bet with another Kid that he could get this girl by the end of the week. Things go from bad to worse when he ends up fighting during a performance where he plays Judas.

Joey's Favorite band according to Potions master's corner is Blink-182. Potion's masters corner is written by Joe Moses who plays Snape in it. Many people say he is an internet personality. He currently lives in L.A

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