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The ASE (All Seeing Eye) is an artifact belonging to The Trust and used in a variety of ways in the game by Michael Ford. Ford is sent by Mr. John Adams to retrieve the ASE after it was stolen by Prometheus's men. The ASE resembles a small metal sphere that floats in the air. It is used to solve Trust puzzles to reveal hidden caches, read secret messages, retrieve data from Data Disks, deactivate Ghost Mines, reveal Storm Scarabs and show your path.


In online multiplayer modes, the ASE acts as a "flag" in Team Objective (capture the flag) matches, as well as a flag in the ASE football mode, where players compete to see who can hold the ASE the longest. Similarly to other first person shooters, a player holding the ASE will be unable to use weapons. They can, however, use weak melee strikes (each hit takes out 1/3 of a player's health) and grenades. The ASE also leaves a short trail of images of itself in multiplayer mode, which helps players follow someone who has the ASE.

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