Deatomizer Mk4

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The Deatomizer Mk4

The Deatomizer Mk4 is a weapon from The Trust grouping in The Conduit. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires blue bolts of high-energy plasma at a fairly fast rate. The magazine can hold 30 shots, and 150 shots can be carried in total. the weapon uses Trust Power Cells for ammo. You can also charge the shots of the Deatomizer to shoot six at once (three of which you cannot see). You can choose at which angle the shots come off at by twisting your Wiimote. When a shot from the charged fire hits something the remaining fired shots will curl around toward where the other one hit. With this you can get one hit kills by hitting the target with the middle shot, causing the two outside ones to curl around and hit your target as well. you can also curve shots around walls if you make the outmost shot hit near corner you are trying to curve around causing the two remaining visible shots curve around the corner hitting anyone there. The weapon also has a scope so it can be shot at long/medium ranges.

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