Razor Cannon

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Early picture of the Hive Cannon

The Razor Cannon (commonly known as the Hive Cannon) is an automatic Drudge weapon that fires the biomass equivalent of flying insects that explode in a small radius upon impact with a surface or enemy. This weapon is attached to the arm of the user and is essentially a hive of insects This weapon is used by the Scarab in the campaign mode. While the projectiles are considered flying insects, they still travel on a straight path once fired and do not fly on their own. This weapon is unique as you can adjust the firing rate by twisting your wrist. While you hold your wrist normally the Hive Cannon will fire straight and accurately but by turning your wrist forty five degrees the firing rate increases substantially though it becomes less accurate.

The weapon sets that include this gun are: Drudge, Long Range, and Explosive.

  • Please note that when twisting your wrist for the enhanced fire mode is uncomfortable and may ruin your aim.
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