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Concept art of the Drones

The Drudge is insect-like alien species invading the earth in The Conduit. The Drudge consists of several main sub-species. They are the Mites, Drones, Scarabs, Skimmers and Invaders. Mites vary in form, such as the Med-Mites and Therm-Mites. Drones are the common foot-soldiers and Skimmers are a variation on the Drones, giving them the ability to fly. Drones carry Strike Rifles and Skimmers carry Shriekers. The Scarabs are large creatures, looking similar to the Drones. They wield Razor Cannons and have the ability to melee attack. Storm Scarabs are a variation that are invisible until charged with the ASE. Invaders are very large, four legged aliens that serve as bosses in the game. They can produce Para-mites, flying variations of the Mites.

Further, mites in all forms can spawn from Drudge egg-sacks that are typically found on walls. They look like grey, oval-shaped objects with a line down the middle that are attached to walls. When they spawn a mite, the oval splits into two halves, and the mite drops out. Then, the oval closes. Throughout the game, specific egg sacks are pre-designated to only spawn one type of mite. While there are egg sacks for every type of mite throughout the game, most egg sacks spawn Tear-Mites. While egg sacks can spawn mites, orange portals called Conduits spawn Drones mostly, but later on in the game (starting at Mission 6), some of them can even spawn Scarabs (but not Storm Scarabs). Of course, nothing can spawn Invaders.

The Drudge utilize weaponry that is vastly different from Human and Trust weaponry. Drudge weapons use an alien "bio-mass" for ammunition. Further, some if not all drudge weapons even appear to be alive. For example, while equipped with a Warp Pistol and leaving the game on idle, Mr.Ford will try to touch the gun with his left hand, but the gun will snap at it. Also, when you reload a Hive Cannon (also called a Razor Cannon), it makes a strange sound as if it is "eating" the bio-mass that you give it. The Hive Cannon even uses living ammo (flying explosive bugs), and that would further suggest that the weapons could be alive.

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