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The USP45 is a pistol and one of your default weapons in many of the single player mission. Though the weapon is small, it is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. A headshot with the USP45 can take away a third of an opponents health on wifi so three direct hits to the head can score you a quick kill. This gun can hold 18 rounds at a time and its reload time is rather short. The USP45 is also the only weapon with multiple reload animations; it has two of them, which are used in alternation. The melee animation for the USP45 is longer than many weapons, and the gun deals less melee damage than other weapons as well, so melee with caution while using this weapon. Though this weapon does not have a scope, it does well with long range attacks and is one of the best weapons for long distance without a scope.

The USP45 is found in the Human, Drudge, Trust and Long Range online sets.

An interesting note is that there is never a single enemy during the campaign that actually uses a USP45 (you can find them on the floor and on shelves in certain levels though).

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