Warp Pistol

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The Warp Pistol is a Drudge weapon and one of the more unique weapons in the game. By pressing B repeatedly the warp pistol will fire rounds similar to that of a strike rifle with one difference, the bullets will bounce off of walls. By utilizing this effect it is possible to kill enemies from around corners or behind walls. Also the warp pistol shares a similarity with the strike rifle as it can charge shots which can be a one hit kill, even if it's a body shot. The charge shot will also bounce off of walls but it will break down from a single beam to multiple blasts bouncing off in different directions. In the campaign mode, you can get the warp pistol by taking it from a dead Med-Mite. The weapon takes around 6 or 8 body shots to kill, but it doesn't deal too much more damage from headshots. To compensate for this, warp pistol shots make a very small "shock wave" type of thing when they hit a surface. This "shock wave" can deal damage equal to a regular warp pistol shot. Therefore, if you aim at a person's feet, and if you can get the shock wave to hit them, and then for the shot to bounce up and hit them as well, then that's double damage. With practice, this can be much easier to do than headshots sometimes. Unlike Strike Rifle, Warp Pistol does not need a headshot in order for its charge shot to result in a one hit kill. However, it seems that the damage that a charged body shot can deal is a bit random: usually it's a one hit kill, but sometimes the target retains a very small amount of health, and rarely the shot only takes out about 1/4 of their health. The Warp Pistol is not scoped. Like other drudge weapons, the warp pistol's ammo can be re-stocked through the use of drudge weapons caches.

In Multiplayer the Warp Pistol is found in the Drudge, Close Combat, and Chargeable weapons sets.

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