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Alignment Nonspecific
Phase Day, Night, or Both
Type Protection

A bulletproof player is a player that is immune to being killed. There are, however, variations to the role. They may not be safe from serial killers, or the protection may only come into effect during a specific phase. Often, they can be roleblocked and then killed. It is also somewhat common for the Mafia Godfather to be bulletproof against any opposing groups which may have a kill ability.

[edit] Example

You are John Locke: Survivors Aligned Lucky To Be Alive Island Fanatic

You must have realised by not that for some reason this island is saving your life? Not just that you can walk again but for some reason you just can't die. With the impending war with the Others, this might help the Survivors win.

You cannot be killed by the mafia or anyone else at the night phase. Except perhaps the serial killer.

You must not communicate with anyone outside of the thread.

Role provided by The Rock 13 from his game, Lost Mafia

[edit] Tips

A bulletproof player has much less to fear than every other player in the game. As such, it is typically advisable for a bulletproof player to take charge of the Town, leading brigades and sharing every possible line of inquiry that comes to their mind.

However, it is still important for the player to have some level of restraint. Although it is perfectly acceptable to throw suspicion on players if it is deemed appropriate at the time, it is not always as useful to claim to be bulletproof. After that, you will certainly be roleblocked and killed, or simply avoided. It is always better for the mafia to target you and fail, wasting their kill for the night in question.

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