Bus Driver

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Bus Driver
Bus Driver (The Mafia Game).jpg
Alignment Town
Phase Night
Type Other

This player can choose to switch any two players during the night phase by sending the moderator a private message with the names of the two players he wishes to switch. Whatever was originally supposed to happen to one will happen to the other, and on occasion, the two targets will use their abilities on the others chosen target.

[edit] Variations

Though normally a bus driver only switches the players in terms of who gets affected by other players abilities, it is also possible for the bus driver to force the two players he switches to target the others target as well.

For example:

Players A and B target Player 1, and Player C targets Player 2. If the Bus Driver targets Player 1 and Player 2, this means that Players A and B are now targeting Player 2, and Player C will find himself in a similar situation.

However, if the Bus Driver instead targeted Player A and Player C, and the variation was in effect, this would mean that Player A is now targeting Player 2, and Player C is targeting Player 1, and Player B remains untouched, continuing through to his original target.

[edit] Example

You are Michelle Dessler: CTU Aligned High-Flyer

You have a lot of power at CTU and Division. You and Tony are married but your relationship has broken down after Tony was released from jail. He saved your life, and the people that put your life in jeopardy are back.

You have a lot of power at CTU so nobody will notice if you switch a few things around. Every night you can choose two people to switch fates by sending their names to me. If person A was going to be killed, person B would be for example.

You win when all threats to CTU are eliminated.

[edit] Tips

It's quite hard to use this ability effectively for the Town, although one tried and true strategy is to target a high profile player the bus drivers wishes to protect, and switch him or her with a low profile player unlikely to be targeted. This may also result in the death of low profile player, leading to the second strategy, which is to switch a player likely to be killed with a player that the bus driver wishes to be killed.

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