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Alignment Town, though occasionally Other
Phase Day or Night
Type Investigative

A cop is one of the most common roles in the Mafia Game. The most common cop can investigate a player of their choosing during a night phase and receive information back on whether their target is town aligned, or not town aligned. As this can be one of the most important roles in the game, cops that are discovered are likely targets by murdersome foes, as is the case with other investigative roles.

[edit] Example

You are Michael Akins: GCPD Aligned Former Honorable Commissioner

Ah, you’re not commissioner anymore since Gordon took back the position, but you’re still willing to lend a hand to Gotham in its dire time of need. Everybody wonders why you left out of nowhere that one time… eh well. It’s also noted you hate the fact everybody relies on Batman to save the day. It’s been your Achilles heel for quite a while.

Every night, you may send in the name of the player you would like to investigate.

Here are your teammates:

Harvey Bullock: GCPD Aligned Crooked Officer
James Worthington "Jim" Gordon: GCPD Aligned Competent Commissioner
Arnold John Flass: GCPD Aligned Observing Detective

You cannot communicate with them outside of the thread.

You win when all threats to Gotham have been eliminated.

Role provided by Iconic and The Hazard from their game, Batman: Gotham Knights

[edit] Variations

Day Cop - This cop sends in their ability during the Day Phase, as opposed to during the Night Phase. They can find their results skewed in any way that another cop might.

Flavor Cop - This cop will receive information on a players character (style of dress, weapon, anything that could be considered an outlying characteristic).

Insane Cop - This cop always receives the wrong alignment for the person they investigate. Once they figure out that they are an insane cop, they can provide useful information by assuming the opposite of what they receive from the moderator is true.

Mafia Cop - This cop is a member of the mafia, and as mafia players already know who is mafia and who isn’t by virtue of being able to communicate with fellow mafia players, a mafia-aligned cop will receive information about the role of the person they choose to investigate.

Naïve Cop - This cop always receives information telling them that their target is town aligned, and can be therefore be labeled useless.

Normal Cop - This cop will receive correct results.

Paranoid Cop - This cop always receives back information telling them that person is not town aligned, and can also be labeled useless.

Random Cop - This cop will receive random alignments determined by the flip of a coin when determining their targets allegiance, and are the third type of cop that can be labeled useless.

Insane, naïve, paranoid, random, and regular cops are almost always told that they are a normal cop.

[edit] Tips

If a cop determines the identity of a scum player, it is not necessarily the smartest move to rush out in the open and tell the world what has been found. Doing so would reveal the cop's identity to the mafia, who, as previously stated, are likely to want to eliminate all investigative roles as soon as possible. The best thing to do is gradually put pressure on the player for which damning results were received, coming up with other viable reasons to lynch the target, and not explicitly stating the true reason for wishing to lynch the player in question.

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