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Tomba! Box art
Developer Whoopee Camp
Publisher Whoopee Camp (Japan)
Sony Computer Entertainment (Outside Japan)
Release Date(s) 25 December 1997 (Japan)
30 June 1998 (NA)
28 August 1998 (EU)
Platforms Playstation

Tomba! (Tombi! in EU releases) is a 2.5D Platform-Adventure game, following the adventure of the titular character - an orphan boy who lives in the wilderness.Tomba's goal is to retrieve his Grandpa's stolen bracelet from the magic, gold-hungry Evil Pigs. During the course of the game, Tomba will travel across several strange lands, as well as meeting and helping the locals of these lands, with a large inventory of items to help him.

[edit] Story

Tomba is a young orphan boy who lives in the wilderness, and spends most of his time protecting his grandpa's grave, when he is not looking for food and running about. However, one day while eating, Tomba stumbles across an attempted robbery of a wagon by the Komabuta Pigs. After a failed attempt at intervening, Tomba wakes up some time later only to realise the bracelet his Grandpa left him has been taken. An enraged Tomba enthusiastically rushes off to get it back.

Not long after starting his journey, Tomba will meet the 100 Year Old Man, who informs him the ones responsible for taking his Grandpa's bracelet are a wicked circle of sorcerers known as the Evil Pigs, who use gold as a way to enhance their magic power. From their, Tomba travels across several different lands, most of which are cursed by the Evil Pigs' magic resulting in their physical appearances being altered. In order to lift the curses, Tomba must first retrieve a Pig Bag for each Evil Pig, find the respective Pig Gate which leads to their private domain, and finally trap the Evil Pig inside their bag in order to defeat them. Once this is done, that particular Pig's curse is lifted, and the purified land will return to its original state.

Once Tomba has trapped all of the Evil Pigs, a gate to the final Black Evil Pig will be opened. However, the gate does not stay open for long, and Tomba must enlist the help of the various people he helped throughout his adventure. After finally opening the last Pig Gate, Tomba defeats the leader of the Evil Pigs, gets back his Grandpa's bracelet, and escapes the Last Evil Pigs domain before it collapses. Tomba then makes his way home again, bidding farewell to his new friends along the way, before returning to a life of running around the wilderness.

[edit] Gameplay

Tomba! is a 2.5D Platform-Adventure. Like all side-scrolling Platform games, you move Tomba from left to right, though on a few occasions he will be capable of moving into the background. In some specific locations - namely villages or other safe areas - Tomba will function like a top-down game, being able to move up and down too. Besides the obvious moving around and jumping, Tomba is also able to use weapons, and can bite most enemies if he jumps on them. After jumping on them, they will be temporarily stuck under the weight of Tomba; however, if enough time passes, they will simply break out of his grasp. After jumping on and biting an enemy, Tomba may launch them through the air by pushing the jump button twice - once to jump into the air with the enemy still in his bite, the second time to do a mid-air somersault to throw them.

Tomba! contains an Events system that is similar to what one would see in an RPG game. Events are basically quests that Tomba will discover either while exploring or by talking to a character who is in need. Since Tomba is a game that involves collecting a lot of items - which he stores inside his stomach, somehow - it's unsurprising that many of the Events will involve Tomba running off to find something in order to help the character. However, some Events will not become available until after Tomba has defeated the Evil Pig who has cursed the land.

One of the more unique aspects of Tomba is how some lands have two states - cursed and purified. The lands are cursed by default, but after Tomba defeats the Evil Pig it will return to its natural, purified state. As might be expected, the cursed and purified versions look different. Sometimes the changes are quite drastic, while other times they are a bit more subtle. In order to actually defeat the Evil Pig cursing a particular land, Tomba must first locate the respective Pig Bag (e.g., Navy Evil Pig Bag to find the Navy Evil Pig.) After acquiring the Pig Bag, Tomba must then seek out the Pig Gate, which only becomes visible after acquiring the Bag. Once the Gate has been located, Tomba must defeat the Evil Pig inside by trapping them inside the Pig Bag by biting and throwing them.

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