User:SSBB Crazy

In need of clear Endless Ocean screen-shots. These screen-shots can include:

  • In-game Fish/Mammals
  • Locations
  • Treasures
  • Equipment

Thanks! If you do happen to have any it would be helpful if you could create the page with the screenshot, upload it with a proper name, or send it to my via PM. Screen-shots are in low quantity online and digital pictures come out very blurry which is why I am asking for help.

I really want the Endless Ocean Wikiguide to become packed full of information, which is why I will do my best to help fill in any information you may have forgot. If you do happen to use any of the standards down below, just leave any information you can not find blank and I (or another editor) will fill it in for you. Also, please adjust the size of the image according to its actual file size. Try not to make small pictures larger then they are or they will become blurry, simply leave them as is, or make them smaller.

Suggested Endless Ocean Editing Standards

Spoiler: Uploading Endles Ocean Images
Spoiler: Fish/Sea Creature/Mammal/Bird/Reptile Profile
Spoiler: Character Profile