[edit] Returning Weapons

[edit] HVS45

This gun will be returning to the Conduit, only this time it can be used on-line.

[edit] MP5KA4

This will be returning to the new Conduit 2, much like the old one but it has Iron sight and a different aimer.

[edit] New Weapons

[edit] AR-C Eclipse

This is a new gun for the Conduit, It enables the user to go invisible for an amount of time, to long and it will over heat. t fires bolts of energy and appears to be single shot. The bolts will go from green, to orange, to red showing the overheat and damage.

[edit] Vortex Cannon

The vortex Cannon allows the user to suck up enemy ammunition by holding down the B button. You can then fire the ammunation back at the enemy. However, do this to much, and it may burst.

[edit] Deployable Turret

The Deployable Turret is a new weapon in Conduit 2. It can be put down just about anywhere, it will alert you if any enemies are near by it which you can manually control it or you can leave it on auto.

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