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Activation Automatic
Use Duplicates all the balls until the maximum number of balls on the screen is reached
Letter F
Rarity Rare

Frenzy is a powerup in the DSi Alphabounce game. Upon obtaining, all the balls will be instantly duplicated until the maximum number of balls on screen is reached. The powerup is rare. Unlike Multiball which also duplicates all the balls (which is more common), it only duplicates each ball once unlike this powerup.

[edit] In-game description

"The balls are duplicated until the maximum of balls the ship can control is reached."

[edit] Pros

Balls will be duplicated, meaning more bricks broken and so you don't have to worry so much about missing a ball.

[edit] Cons

If there are multiple bricks on the level which release envelope-damaging things when hit then multiple balls could hit multiple bricks meaning quick envelope manoeuvring will be needed to avoid the shots.

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