Al Mualim

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Al Mualim is the leader of the Assassin Brotherhood and Altaïr's master. He is a wise but firm master, and acts as both the mentor and master of Altair. Throughout the game, Al Mualim will encourage, chastise, and educate Altair as he completes the missions set forth for him. However, Al Mualim conversely turns out to be Altaïr's greatest adversary.

[edit] Character Overview

Al Mualim is tall, and regal. His reserved demeanor further enhances one's sense of his wisdom and clear thought. He wears long black robes without expensive adornments and is often found in his library. Al Mualim has a strong sense of justice and self-righteousness, though somewhat misplaced. For the majority of the game he managed to conceal his insidious plans, masquerading as the ideal master and mentor towards Altaïr and his fellow assassins. Nevertheless, he still considered the Templars an enemy, therefore using the assassins to carry out the task of eliminating them.

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