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Demon Fangs are well...Demon Fangs from any monster faught in the game. They are usally gotten by killing an enemy and letting them fly up into the air, then using the Power Slash learnt from Tachigami in the Celestial Realm, witch you will see him above the large statue of Nagi, not only can you cut them in half, but once a certain point in the game is reached you're given the ability to "Piss" on the enemy when they aren't blocking and make them drop; yet another Fang, I suggest doing both to every monster in a fight, and I suggest fighting every fightbecause it will end up giving you alot of Demon Fangs.

                       Demon Fang Stores

There's also stores to spend these at, such as Agata Forest near the passageway to the bridge that you make, or in Sei'An City (I think.. O_O)