Developer High Voltage Software
Publisher Sega
Release Date(s) Q3 2010
Platforms Nintendo Wii
Player(s) 2 - 12
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Conduit2 is the sequel to the famous first person shooter, The Conduit! Although information isn't completely released, High Voltage Software has been supplying it's viewers with constant news about the game and its progress. The game has been proven to hold better graphics, storyline, and multiplayer when compared to previous game


[edit] Gameplay

As the information released is a bit petite, rumors have it that we'll be following up on the strange, alien - like storyline that has been so intriguing already. Rumors also say that we'll be visiting more famous landmarks, such as Washington DC. The great attempt to reveals Mr.Ford's strange lead of events will hopefully be explained here.

[edit] Confirmed Content

Confirmed content has been piling up, as the months go by. High Voltage Software has been supplying information on both new weapons and modes!

[edit] Online Modes

TEAM INVASION MODE -- New co-op mode where up to four player players battle side-by-side against waves of enemies. Fight online over the Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection or on the same console via splitscreen mode.

THE BEST ONLINE MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE ON THE Wii™ -- Take the battle online with up to 12-players or play locally via 4-player splitscreen. Features new modes and more expansive battlefields from around the globe

PLAY IT YOUR WAY -- Create your character’s unique look with the modular armor system and selectable skins. Class system with pre-mission weapon load-out and suit upgrades. Gain currency to purchase new weaponry, armor, upgrades, and additional content.

ADVANCED WEAPONS AND TECHNOLOGY – Features an arsenal of over 20 weapons, including wall-penetrating sniper rifles, remotely-controlled deployable turrets, and alien technology that captures incoming fire and unleashes it back on the enemy. Man fixed emplacements at fortified positions and on drop ships. Use the alien ASE device to hack electronics and uncover hidden traps and enemies.

[edit] Returning Weapons

  • HVS45

This gun will be returning to the Conduit, only this time it can be used on-line.

[edit] New Weapons

  • AR-C Eclipse

This is a new gun for the Conduit, It enables the user to go invisible for an amount of time, to long and it will over heat. t fires bolts of energy and appears to be single shot. The bolts will go from green, to orange, to red showing the overheat and damage.

  • Vortex Cannon

The vortex Cannon allows the user to suck up enemy ammunition by holding down the B button. You can then fire the ammunation back at the enemy. However, do this to much, and it may burst.

  • Deployable Turret

The Deployable Turret is a new weapon in Conduit 2. It can be put down just about anywhere, it will alert you if any enemies are near by it which you can manually control it or you can leave it on auto.

[edit] Development

As very little information has been given on this particular subject, screens and videos have given an amazing view on how they've been working on the "not so good" graphics of the past.

[edit] Impressions

"Building upon the success of the original, Conduit 2 will take players to the far reaches of the world to stop an alien invasion that can be fought in single-player, online multi-player battles, and all-new off and online co-op modes. Armed with advanced and powerful weapons, players can expect massive action in large, multi-tiered levels featuring dynamic environments, cinematic battles, giant boss enemies, and deep customization features"

"As you can see, we’re taking the good stuff from Conduit 1 and expanding with all sorts of improvements and updates."

[edit] Screens

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