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Developer Gas Powered Games
Publisher Stardock
Release Date(s) April 14, 2009 NA
May 22, 2009 EU
Q4 2009 AU
Platforms PC
Player(s) 1-4
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[edit] Plot Information

DemiGod is a top-down 3D Action RTS with elements borrowed from games like Supreme Commander, and some PVP MMO's. It is based off a genre made popular by a Warcraft III custom scenario known as Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Each player controls a single DemiGod, a powerful character similar to Heroes in other RTS games, with the goal of killing opposing DemiGods and ultimately achieving victory through a number of different conditions. The most common condition is the destruction of the opponent's Citadel, a fortress like structure. Unlike other RTS titles, the DemiGod and a small number of minions are the only controllable characters in the game. Other AI-controlled creatures called creeps help in the conflict but also serve as fodder for the powerful DemiGods who must farm creeps in order to level their character.

[edit] Index

The majority of this guide will focus on multiplayer aspects of the game against human opponents. If you haven't played DemiGod against human opponents yet you are missing out on the most fun aspect of the game! If you have already tried Multiplayer and

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