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Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to DemiGod strategy. This guide is intended for online play. It won't focus on specific character builds, but will discuss general game strategy, play style, and citadel upgrades.

If you are below 45% win ratio you are probably a beginner, unless you have lost a lot of games due to experimenting with new demigods. Let's just say if you haven't won 4 out of your last 10games, or you have played fewer than 50 games, you are most likely a beginner level player and should read this guide.


[edit] Classifying Players

People are always talking about Pro players, experts, noobs, average players, but how can you tell what is what? The easiest and least accurate method is to use stats. Here's a simple way to break it down. Apologies if these distinctions offend anyone, they are only intended as a superficial guide to set the expectation levels. There are players who fit into a label who do not have stats as indicated below so do not use the below as a hard and fast rule, ultimately a player's classification is determined by their skill and strategies, not on their stats.

Pro Players (Expert players):

  1. All but a few pros have 57%+ win ratios with 150 or more games.
  2. Most pros have 200+ games with 59-66% wins.

Average Players (Middle players):

  1. Average players usually have 50% or better wins with 100 games or more.
  2. In DemiGod, most players consider themselves average, however, the pretty good players also still consider themselves average. Thus, if you see an average skill game you might find that people in there all have 50-64% win ratios with 300 games each!

Below Average or Beginner Players

  1. These players tend to either have less than 100 games
  2. These players may have more than 100 games but have 45% or below win ratios.

[edit] Two Types of Skill

I like to break down the game into 3 types of skill:

  • Game Strategy
  • Character Strategy (not to be confused with Character Builds)
  • Character Builds

I'll cover the first two in detail here as they are generic, the last is better suited in individual build guides for each DemiGod.

[edit] Game Strategy

For beginners this is one of the most important sets of things to master and learn. It consists of Citadel Upgrades and General Strategy.

[edit] General Strategy

Before we start, let's look at some golden rules:

  1. Don't die
  2. Hold flags
  3. Destroy towers
  4. Level your character
  5. Pay for Creeps!

If you can follow the above you're probably already going to be a decent player. If you can master the above, plus a few more, then you will be a good player indeed. Notice how killing enemies isn't on the list? There are games between pretty good players where one team gets 10 more kills than the other and still loses the game because they don't follow some of the above rules.


  1. Leveling is one of the most critical aspects of the game. You level by gaining experience off of flag captures, attacking creeps, and killing enemy DemiGods.
  2. It is enough to "tag" creeps. Hit them once then move on. Use AOE (Area of Effect) attacks to tag them and melee anyone not tagged.
  3. Every opportunity you get you should be attacking creeps. You should never just be standing around unless all creeps in the wave have been killed. Level is best done in a "lane".
  4. In the early game, or when you are vulnerable, you may be chasing an enemy DG and need to break off, do so by attacking a creep instead of just walking back from the enemy.
  5. Every time enemy DGs move out of range you should be farming creeps, and the moment they come back you should be attacking them.


  1. Maps are designed in "lanes". Lanes are defined by where creeps walk when they spawn from portals. They also tend to be where flags are located.
  2. In most normal situations you always want at least one DemiGod per lane so that you can "farm" the creeps as they spawn as well as defend the nearest flag.


  1. Learn about over-extension, and avoid it.
  2. Beginners should never fight 2 on 1 for even the briefest of moments. If another DemiGod approaches walk away BEFORE they get to you. The general rule of thumb is that if 2 people are fighting just one that one person is dead even if they try to run away (unless they are using speed or other means to escape).
    1. Watch out for "ganks", when enemies teleport nearby or on top of you.
  3. Learn the limits of your character's survival and play within it, but also play aggressively.
  4. If the enemy is running you should always be attacking, as long as it doesn't put you in rage of his towers. This invariably creates a back and forth where each player is hitting the other in turn as each player is either running or chasing - this is normal!!!
  5. Be aggressive, hit the enemy at every opportunity.
  6. If the opponent has monks in early game, kill at least one monk first before attacking the DG.
  7. If it looks like you will die if you try to pursue a kill, then leave it alone. It may be tempting, but often chasing a kill can lead to your death WITHOUT you getting your kill.
  8. Don't rely on other people to save you. Teamwork is important but when fighting pretend that you are on your own so that you don't make foolish mistakes.


  1. Towers are VERY IMPORTANT. Protect them at nearly all cost (unless the cost is your life).
  2. Conversely, towers are very important to the opposing team, attack and destroy them at all cost (but never at the cost of your life).
  3. In the early game (before players reach level 5) you should defend the towers even against 2v1 just by standing near the tower and hitting whoever appears to be the weakest DemiGod to strike at the tower. Just keep careful watch of your health. At such low levels most DemiGods cannot afford to fight both you and the tower at the same time.
  4. The best towers to destroy first are the ones protecting certain flags. The Gold flag, or Health flag for instance.
  5. In later game you should destroy towers protecting portals so you can gain entry to capture them without walking past towers.
  6. Use towers as Teleportation points!
  7. If you have a Rook on your team, use his towers as teleportation points, and make sure he plants towers so you can use them!

Flags and War Rank

  1. Holding flags is the most underrated strategy in the game for beginners and average or slightly below average players. DemiGod is a STRATEGY GAME, and part of the strategy is to get a high war rank. If you are blinded by bloodlust and only care for kills, you will have plenty of power and money and perhaps good Citadel upgrades, but when the enemy has Catapults and Giants even 10,000 in the bank won't help you if you're at war rank 6.
  2. Learn to save money for use at specific war ranks. Coordinate with your team to make sure this signal is clear.
  3. In early game (below war rank 6 and below level 6) losing a portal flag is not too devastating. In late game the portal flags become synonymous with victory. You must watch them carefully and protect them at nearly all cost.
  4. Conversely, in early game, locking an enemy portal is only useful as a distraction to your opponents and to help build up your war rank faster. Don't take unnecessary risk when capturing portals in early game
  5. In late game capping an enemy portal becomes a serious goal, but games can be won without capping a single enemy portal as long as your portals are not captured.
  6. Don' try to capture enemy portals by yourself if the enemy team is organised. You're asking to be ganked, unless you have a Shield 3 Oak.

[edit] Citadel Upgrades

Citadel Upgrades can be either debatable or non-debatable. Non-debatable upgrades are must haves under almost all conditions. Debatable upgrades depend on situation, playstyle, and even just personal preference.

Must Have Upgrades:

  • Fortified Structure 1 aka FS1 (get this first always). Without this your towers cannot repair themselves, and will die quickly. This should be purchased as soon as someone can afford it. Only inexperienced players fail to get this as early as possible (you should sacrifice spending money on gear if this is your second trip to the store and the Citadel does not yet have FS1).
  • Currency 1: You must get this as quickly as possible once hitting war rank 3. Someone needs to sacrifice buying gear to get this.
  • All Creeps. However, getting creeps too early in the game is actually a Bad Thing. Read the Section on Creeps

Debatable but generally good depending on situation

  • Currency 2
  • Experience 1
[edit] Creeps

General Guidelines:

  • Don't get priests before WarRank 8 unless the opposing team has got them already.
  • Save enough money to buy all creeps up to Catapults immediately or soon after hitting war rank 8. If your opponent has Catapults even 2 minutes before you do there's a chance you lose the game so don't get caught off guard and make sure you have the money for this.
  • Typically one person might buy Priests and Angels, and another buys Catapults, while the third saves for Giants
  • Once you have Catapults, the players not saving up for Giants should contribute to Creep Upgrades (Armoury and Blacksmith).
  • Once you have Giants, you should upgrade your creeps to III and IV Armoury and Blacksmith. At level III the Giants are so powerful that they post real problems for enemy DGs.
  • Capture the enemy's Valour flag and protect your own. This gives your creeps a distinct advantage.
  • Learn where your creeps will walk, and help destroy towers along their path. Creeps cannot continue towards the enemy Citadel as long as towers remain in their path (they must destroy those towers first).
  • Don't be tempted to spend money only on yourself instead of buying creeps even if the opposing team looks to be losing! If your team spends all its money on gear and only has Priests, and 2 minutes later the opposing team goes from no creeps to full Giants you will be caught with your pants down! More games are won with Creeps than with no creeps and a set of Godplate and Ashkandar!

[edit] Character Strategy

Do not confuse this with Character Builds. Character strategy is not about what Abilities to buy at what level, or what items to buy in what sequence (two factors that are critical to success). Character strategy is about what each player should do with each Character to maximize their effectiveness in a game.

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