Grace Period

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In Multiplayer DemiGod games there is a 3 minute grace period during which anyone who quits or concedes will not have the game counted against them in the stats. If you find the game too laggy, or you have a partner who quits on you, check the game time by hitting Tab, and if it is under 3 minutes you can quit without having the game counted against your stats. The game will still show up in your player gameslist, but it won't be counted.

Tip: Don't wait until the last moment to quit. And conceding may not be enough, you should leave the game. We suggest you quit within the first 2.5 minutes

Courtesy Tip: It's generally considered good courtesy to concede and ask partners to concede as well, rather than just quitting. As long as everyone concedes before 3 minutes are up the game should not count.

[edit] Possible Bug

If the game takes a LONG time to start from the game lobby, you may have less than 3 minutes to concede/quit and have the game not count. There have been reports that the time it takes for a game to load after the game creator starts the game ALSO counts as part of the Grace Period!

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