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[edit] General Safehouse Description

Safehouses are found throughout Far Cry and serve as mini bases for you. Every safehouse is identical and has the exact same upgrades.

Not all safehouses are immediately usable, many are already occupied by hostile enemies - usually 2-3 of them. Once you kill these enemies the safehouse becomes "unlocked". The only thing unlocking a safehouse does is to remove the hostiles permanently from that specific safehouse (unlike Guard Posts which respawn enemies even when unlocked). Unlocking a safehouse is trivial to do with so few enemies protecting them.

Safehouses are important locations in the main storyline, since you will be meeting your buddies there frequently.

[edit] Weapon Crates

Even without upgrading the safehouses they serve a critical purpose: storage of backup weapons. Since weapons can become jammed, having backup weapons in Safehouses may be a huge convenience if you are nowhere near a Weapon Shop. Weapon crates cost between 12-24 diamonds to unlock. Once unlocked you can go into the weapons storage room at the Weapon Shop and place items into the crates. Weapons that you place into crates become available at ALL safehouses throughout the maps. Superb! You must buy a crate for each of the primary, secondary, and special weapons in order to use them.

[edit] Safehouse Upgrades

When you first start using Safehouses they may seem rather pointless to you. They do to most new players to the game because they really do not have a lot of features to begin with. Sleeping appears useless in the game except to pass the time, so the Safehouses' main benefit becomes that of a weapons storage, vehicle garage, and ammo/syringe refill station.

As you progress in the main storyline more and more upgrades are unlocked for the Safehouses. To get ALL the upgrades you must complete all the Buddy missions as well as the main missions.

Some of the upgrades are:

[edit] Vehicles at Safehouse

When you start getting the vehicle upgrades you will find a vehicle parked at every safehouse. If you ever lose your vehicle you can go to a Safehouse and pick on up. This is very convenient in firefights where you may lose your vehicle. As you get more and more upgrades the vehicle becomes more and more useful.

  • first version of this upgrade gives you a weaponless Jeep at Safehouses.
  • the next vehicle upgrades add a mounted weapon to the vehicle.
  • subsequent upgrades to the safehouse vehicle upgrade the weapon that you get, in order of:
    • basic mounted machine gun
    • larger caliber machine gun (slower but more deadly)
    • Grenade Launcher

By the time you unlock the large caliber machine gun or mounted grenade launcher you will find that the Safehouse jeep is an upgrade most of the time over what you are driving, so the Safehouse becomes a critical upgrade point.

[edit] Healing Syringes

As you upgrade the safehouse you will unlock first a water bottle, then a small package of syringes, and finally a full size syringe dispenser on the wall.

[edit] Ammo

As the safehouse upgrades you will unlock ammo and grenades found outside the Safehouses.

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